The vineyard after a couple of years of hard work is now producing some fruit. Here is a picture of a bunch of grapes in late spring before they bloom.

One thing grapes will force you to be is patient because it just doesn't happen overnight. Months later at the end of summer the grapes are finally ripe.

I tasted the grapes and thought about what kind of wine to make with them. I ended up thinking that a blush wine would be best thing to do with the first batch of grapes. It should end up being a light fruity wine that will be easy to make and easy to drink. I loaded the whole grapes clusters directly into the press.

This is a bladder press that is very gentle on the pressing of the grapes. It is a very small version of the presses that are found in the wineries here in Paso Robles. The tan bladder in the middle expands and presses the grapes against the out screen. The juice from the grapes runs out and is caught in the pan.

This is just a beautiful sight pink grape juice. The juice fermented with the native yeast that was on the skins of the grapes. It is coming along very well right now. I have been thinking of turning all of it into sparkling wine but I have a while to think about that before it is time to do that. It looks like it would make a great sparkling wine and since I haven't ever done that before it would be a new challenge for me too.